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Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Big Green Egg products are not legally available to be priced or purchased online, as per the manufacturer. We are the official Big Green Egg distributors for GA, SC and NC.
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Enjoy EGG to table convenience! Ideal for slow-cooking, braising, roasting, simmering and baking.
Excellent heat retention – cast iron distributes heat slowly and evenly.
The durable enameled surface is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Heavy duty and heat-resistant to 450°F / 232°C.
The lid doubles as a shallow baking dish.
Oval 5.5 quart / 5.2 liter
Round 4.2 quart / 4 liter

Item Code: 117670
Works with XXL, XL and L EGGs

Also available is our 4.2 quart Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven Item #117045

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